Adult Emotional Resilience Courses

Our adult emotional resilience course is funded by Cumbria County Council and is a 6 session course featuring a range of topics covering wellbeing. The topics build a person’s emotional resilience and sessions are interactive and flexible to the groups needs.

The course can be delivered over 6 weeks of one hour sessions or we can adapt to the needs of attendees (for example we could do three two hour sessions or two hourly sessions per week).

Session prices start at £1 per person with a minimum of 15 attendees. Each session is supported by a workbook which combine to form a wellbeing toolkit.

Train the trainer is available for this course- you can become a trainer and roll the course out.

Bespoke business courses can be arranged based on the emotional resilience sessions outlined- please contact us for further information.

Please contact us for further information or to book a place.

Female Activity Clubs

Female Activity Clubs are funded by Active Cumbria to provide 14 year + inactive Females a range of options to engage in exercise.

The Club is run in schools as an after school session. Each week offers a different approach to exercise including MokyFit, Stretch and Strength and Circuits.

It is free to attend and there is funding for 20 young females to join our fitness centre for a 3 month period, for free

We offer all young people attending peer support to help them continue with exercise and any issues related to this.

Schools targeted so far are Workington Academy, Whitehaven Academy, Beaconhill, St Josephs School, Lakes college and St Benedicts. We are able to facilitate sessions in most schools in Allerdale and Copeland. Please get in touch with for more info

Mental and Wellbeing Programs in all Stages of Life.

The together group specialises in providing physical activity, mental and wellbeing programs in all stages of life.

We are passionate about keeping active and the benefits of exercise for physical conditioning and mental health wellbeing.

Together We Move (Chair activity program) has been devised with our highly qualified exercise specialists and is sponsored by Allerdale Borough Council.

Chair exercise has been proven to increase power, strength, flexibility, balance and the ability to perform everyday tasks.

It also lowers risks of depression, body fat, arthritic pain, postural hypertension and risk of falls.

It has a beneficial effect at maintaining independence and mobility, studies have shown just one session can improve memory recall for up to half and hour afterwards for some nursing home patients.

Participants at a minimum should have limited mobility but fully independent participants are welcome to take part.

Sessions will be facilitated by our specialist trained team members

music and equipment is provided by us. *Sessions are to be held within your facility using clients own wheelchair or facilities chair.

Numbers for sessions are limited to 12 max and 6 minimum.

All sessions will involve a free pre assessment so programs are specific to clients needs.

We offer one free taster session per facility.

Regular weekly slots or flexible week by week programs.

private and one to one tuition is available within our wellbeing centre. Please enquire for more info.

Young Person's Emotional Resilience

Funded by the National Lottery, Cumbria Youth Alliance and Cumbria County Council,Our year 2 projects are Body image workshops and Exam stress, featuring 6 sessions covering improving your body image and how to deal with exam stress. The topics are designed to build the young person's emotional resilience.

The project is currently run in the local schools in and surrounding Allerdale and Copeland. It is for young people between 14-24 years old.

Please contact us for further information.

Together We Apprenticeship program

Funded by Cumbria community foundation, Cumbria county council and FCSCT. This project is running from 2018-2022

Diabetes Prevention Program

Delivery and equipment fees are funded by Sports England and Building supplies will be kindly partly funded by Tesco Bags of Help and we received a substantial discount via balfour beatty

The project will focus on delivering condition management and exercise education to 80 women within Workington. Held over a 12 week period small groups will be delivered a series of workshops within a specialist condition management studio which aim to educate about routine indicators which can help the management or prevention of Diabetes type 2. Exercise education around low equipment workouts will follow the full 12 weeks program. Participants will then be eligible to utilise Together We Womens Fitness and Wellbeing Centres facilities for a group rate for 3 months , the sessions begun delivery in March 2019

This is a referral program and sessions are held regulary, for more info please email

Postnatal wellbeing and activity program

Funded by Awards for all, the national lottery community fund

The project will target 40 woman to take part in a 12 week program. We provide wellbeing education for postnatal mums, baby massage, baby yoga and pelvic floor strength and conditioning. Sessions will be held regularly. Please book via

Weight management and physical activity program

Funded by Coalfields regeneration fund

The project will target 40 woman to take part in a 12 week program. We provide 6 weeks of nutritional and well-being education based around making sustainable behavioural change alongside 12 weeks of low equipment physical activity. Please book via

Mirehouse wellbeing and physical activity sessions

Funded by Well Whitehaven

Sessions will be held in Mirehouse, Whitehaven and are based around managing weight groups for males and females, ageing well sessions and family wellbeing and fitness. sessions will be held from Oct 2019, for more info of current sessions please see

Increasing accessibility fitness and wellbeing project

Funded by Cumbria Community foundation and Sellafield LTD

This project allows us to provide sensory fitness classes and post natal exercise sessions within the centre, timetables of these sessions can be found at the top of the page. Additionally funding has allowed us to provide 12 weeks free to community organisations who work with disability. For more info please email

Free Sling hire and advice

Funded by Comic relief

This project allows us to provide free sling hire and advice to those who need it most, for referral criteria please see

1 to 1 mental health support in Allerdale and Copeland

Funded by Cumbria Community foundation, Sellafield LTD and United Utilities

Together We Talks service expansion will see two new bases in Workington and Whitehaven with outreach across West Cumbria. Our support practitioners will provide those needing ongoing long term support with a regular check in support and options to learn about maintaining their wellbeing and health both physically and mentally. They will provide wellbeing interventions that stop people going into services and reduce distress. Our counsellor and Low Intensive CBT practitioner will provide evidence based structured sessions to those not in statutory services. Our service will span across the ages and we can help people stay out of mental health services or continue support when they are discharged. More info will provided soon but if you are interested in joining our team please see our job opportunities page Project Lead: Janine Ward

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