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Main Gym

The gym at together we is made up of a hydraulic circuit. Circuit training is used in body conditioning, endurance and resistance training.

Our circuit training system involves 30 seconds work sets on the hydraulic station followed by 30 seconds rest on the recovery station. Circuit training is an effective way to complete a full body workout in a short amount of time.

Hydraulics provide a safe yet effective way to achieve both cardiovascular training and resistance training in one set workout. The advantage of hydraulic exercise means your able to perform two exercise types on one machine (cardiovascular and strength training) The safe and non eccentric contractions provided by hydraulic exercise machines, are best for obtaining general fitness and are perfect for beginners.

The machines within the circuit work every major muscle group, we also use a heart rate training system, MYZONE, to track your cardiovascular intensity.


Myzone is a wearable fitness device that fits around your chest. The device gives you live feed back on your heart rate, training zone and calorie burn.

Consoles are placed around the gym so you can track your progress on every workout.

Our Studio

MokyFit is a 30 minute dance workout which is fun and suited to a range of fitness levels from beginner upwards.

Using popular music we dance our way to keeping young!.

MokyHiit is a 30 minute high intensity interval training, using popular music the songs feature a full body workout and core exercises.


Piloxing is a non stop hour long session of standing Pilates, boxing and dance.

Piloxing Knockout

Tabata style 30 minute workout which combines Pilates, boxing and dance.

Together Burn

30 Minutes of resistance to music training, focusing on different body parts

Together We Bounce with Rebound Fitness

Rebounding trampoline cardio workout which is fun!


Tabata style or basic kettlebells class

Group PT

Small group resistance based sessions

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